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Marilyn Luongo conceptualized Maveric Lifestyle Lodges S.A. after the death of her beloved father who had a stroke at the age of 87 and died 4 yrs later in his own bed. It was then that Marilyn started her crusade to provide a REAL service for REAL people when they retire and old age catches up with them. Her vision is not to sell a house to a retired person. But rather, the offer of an investment in a better quality of life in their twilight years, surrounded by special personal possessions and the animals that they love, and when the time comes to pass on, to do so with dignity and self worth. Marilyn herself has survived a heart attack and a stroke and since then she has had an interest in improving the quality of life of elderly people by means of alternative healing.

Due to my deteriorated health and becoming an invalid I met Ms Jenny Harichuran my next door neighbour who selflessly offered her assistance to nurse me during this set up period.

Told me her life story and of her desire to help the elderly of all races and income groups and we conceptualised our over 50Ēs lifestyle concept to cater for this huge need.

Jenny is the most amazing caring person I have met who I know will tackle this task and turn it into a model project.

"I would like this to be their last happy home from home for life where they can have their family and grandchildren feel welcome and where there are no rules and regulations that impair their independence and basic human rights" says Marilyn Luongo of Maveric Lifestyle Lodges S.A.

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